Can’t read it now? Put it in your Pocket!

Since us educators are always pressed for time, it is useful to have a way to store all the great content we come across when browsing the internet, Twitter, or over 300 other apps, for when we have more time (yeah right).  Pocket is an application that allows you to save web content to a list that is accessible through an app on your phone or tablet, or on the web.  One of the best things about Pocket is that once content is saved, you don’t need an internet connection to look at it later.  Once items are in Pocket, you can easily share them via Twitter, Facebook, and email.  You can also tag and favorite items for further organizational purposes.  Pocket extensions are also available for your web browser which enables you to save items and then have easy access to them later on your mobile device.  Overall, Pocket is extremely user-friendly and is sure to boost your efficiency while making more efficient use of your online teaching resources and personal learning network.  


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