Using Flubaroo to Give Students Feedback on Google Form Questions

In a previous post I described how I have been using Google Forms to create flipped video-based lessons and scoring them using the Flubaroo script, but lamented the fact that there was no way to give students feedback. I have since discovered that Flubaroo does allow you to give feedback via email, and although it is not instantaneous, it has still been working well for my classes. All you need to do is create a question in your form that allows students to input their email address. After you score the form using Flubaroo, you can then email the scores, questions, students answers and correct answers, to any students who has submitted a valid email address (please see screencast below).

If additional students submit the form after you have already graded it and sent out the results, Flubaroo will allow you to email the grades a second (or third…) time and exclude all the students who have previously received their results, which is convenient. Using Google Forms along with Flubaroo is a great way for teachers to create flipped classroom assignments and give students feedback.