My First Week & A Half In The Professional Twitter World

I must admit, I never knew that people used Twitter for anything other than sending witty (and not so witty) messages back and forth, wasting time, and seeing who could come up with the most ironic hashtags.  I have been continually amazed for a week and a half as I’ve immersed myself in the most robust, dynamic discussion of education that I have ever witnessed, complete with how-to’s, videos, articles, and support and encouragement from passionate educators all over the world.  I have been exposed to resources I probably never would have found on my own, lurked and participated in #edchat, been favorited and retweeted, created hashtags to facilitate discussions for my classes, posted twitpics, and most importantly, have been continuously making connections with people I almost certainly will never have the opportunity to meet in person who will now contribute to my professional development (and hopefully I to theirs).  All of this, and practically no negativity, just enthusiasm for sharing ideas, integrating tech, and discussing education – very cool!


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