Getting Connected With Twitter

In my continuing effort to become a connected educator (and with the encouragement of Sara K), I am tossing my hat into the Twitter ring.  Using Twitter to follow other educators as well as science news and content providers gives me access to amazing amounts of information that is both high quality (as it is vetted by actual users and professional organizations) and timely (not out of date like so many websites).  I had already started using my Facebook account in a similar way by “liking” pages of science content providers, which enables me to constantly see links to cool news stories and videos that I can use in my classes, and Twitter allows me to take this approach one step further as it adds even more layers of connectivity.

I’m a little nervous about becoming an addict, as I really don’t want to spend any more time looking at my phone then I have to, but if it provides me with some good resources then it is worth a try.

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One thought on “Getting Connected With Twitter

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